3D Funny Christmas Ornament Running Gnome


Add some whimsy to your holiday décor with this 3D Funny Christmas Ornament Running Gnome. Bursting through a wall, it’s perfect for bringing cheer and laughter to any home. Ideal for hanging on your Christmas tree or gifting to friends and family who enjoy festive fun.


**3D Funny Christmas Ornament Running Gnome**

Get ready to inject a dose of humor into your holiday decor with our 3D Funny Christmas Ornament Running Gnome! This cheeky gnome, bursting through what appears to be cracked ice or glass, adds an amusing twist that will get everyone talking. From his delightful expression to the vibrant colors and intricate design details, this ornament is perfect for those who love whimsical touches in their festive decoration.

Crafted with high-quality materials for durability, it’s ideal for hanging on tree branches or placing as a quirky centerpiece. Delight guests and family members alike by adding an unexpected surprise to traditional holiday trimmings. Whether you’re starting new traditions or enhancing the old ones, this running gnome ornament brings joy-filled cheer that’s absolutely infectious!

Don’t let boredom sneak around your Christmas tree – let this hilarious little guy crash in instead!

Additional information

SKU: LP_3513731708 Category:
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in
Light Type


Power Source

2 X CR2032 Battery

Ornament Color

Black, Brown Wood, Cobalt Blue, Green, Lake Blue, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Orange, Red, Silk Antique Gold, Silk Bronze, Silk Chrome, Silk Copper, Silk Gold, Silk Green, Silk Purple, Silk Red, Silk Rose Gold, Silk Silver, White


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