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Jupiter Lamp with Base


144 X 144 X 140mm

Voltage : 5V
Type of Bulb : LED
Wattage : 1W
USB connector with inline switch.

SKU: Moon_lamp_with_base_3060248-1 Category: Product ID: 22685


The items we sell are 3D Printed Items. 3D Printed items have different characteristics that items made by traditional manufacturing techniques.

Here are some general characteristics associated with 3D printed objects:

Layered Structure:

Most 3D printing processes involve building objects layer by layer. This can result in a layered appearance on the surface of the object. The layers might be visible, especially on the edges or surfaces that are not perfectly flat.

Surface Finish:

The surface finish of a 3D printed object can range from very smooth to rough, depending on factors such as the printing technology and the type of material used. Some 3D printed objects might require post-processing, such as sanding or smoothing, to achieve a desired surface texture.

As much as we aspire to achieve a perfect 3D printed object, the items we create will have these general characteristics.

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Weight 1 lbs

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