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Ornate Santa Claus Festive Lighted Decoration Lithophane


Illuminate your holiday decor with this enchanting Ornate Santa Claus Festive Lighted Decoration Lithophane. Priced at just $25, it’s a budget-friendly addition that brings the joyous spirit of Christmas into any room. Featuring a vividly detailed image of Santa set against a stained glass-style background, this decoration not only serves as a charming centerpiece but also casts a warm, inviting glow. Perfectly in stock for the season, enhance your space with this delightful piece and make your holiday gatherings extra special!

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Illuminate your holiday season with this charming Ornate Santa Claus Festive Lighted Decoration Lithophane. Priced at just $25.00 and currently in stock, this splendid display features a warmly glowing portrayal of Santa Claus set against a vibrantly colored stained glass-style backdrop that beautifully catches the light. Perfectly capturing the spirit of Christmas, this decoration enhances any room with its festive brilliance.

Designed to complement any holiday decor theme, it adds an inviting touch to your home or workplace during the seasonal celebrations. The lithophane’s detailed craftsmanship allows for a magical light diffusion whenever turned on, creating a serene and cheerful ambiance that everyone can enjoy.

Ideal as both a delightful gift and personal treasure this winter—don’t miss out on bringing extra joy into your space with our Ornate Santa Claus Festive Lighted Decoration!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5.2 × 1 in
Light Type


Power Source

Corded Electric

Power Port Type


Light Color


Bead Count





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